Affordable Dental Implants – Where to Get Them?

Full Arch Affordable Dental ImplantsIf you are the kind of person that does extensive research before making an important decision, such as getting dental implants placed, then you have probably come across information regarding the trend that is getting your dental work done abroad.

Each day, more and more patients, are taking the plunge and deciding to travel abroad to get medical procedures such as dental implants completed. The reason? Savings, savings and more savings. What drives people to look into this option is the fact that they can get the same exact work they would get done in the United States at more affordable prices.

Now, do not be fooled by this utopian-like reality. The fact is, the same brands of implants, same FDA approved materials and the same specialists that you find back home are available in other countries such as Costa Rica. So one may wonder: what´s the difference? Why are the same implants more affordable in Latin-American countries? Is it because they have expired, are bad quality? Not at all. The same providers that sell the implants in the US sell them in other countries. They do however, manage a different pricing since the cost of living in, lets say, San José, Costa Rica does not compare to the cost of living in New York.

The costs of running an office in other countries is as well lower than American costs. So, if you add things up: when you have less office costs plus better supplies’ pricing, the result is always better pricing for the final consumer. That’s you! We are talking about 45% to 65% less than in the United States.

People have realized that it is less expensive to fly to another country (even if you have to make 2 round trips to complete your implant procedure), stay at a nice hotel, enjoy the local food and sights, and still go back home with the best dental care out there, than paying for the same dental treatment at home.

Many people find themselves with the situation that they have to pay for their dental care out of their pocket because they either have no insurance or their insurance does not cover this procedures. So this solution seems like the perfect way to go when you are in need of dental care.

Many important and national media outlets in the United States have ran stories about this and have interviewed patients that have had successful results. It is however, always important to remind people to do their homework. Just because you are getting your dental work done abroad under the premise that the costs will be lower, you have to be careful no to get into bad hands and end up paying for more. Allow me to explain further: there are different kinds of dental offices abroad. The first ones are specialists that will charge you less than US specialists, but will still offer you the same top quality work, for example there is a non USA dental clinic that we can recommend, Advance Dental offers high quality affordable dental implants in Costa Rica (feel free to check out their website The second type (and the one you want to avoid) are dental offices who will lure you with cheap pricing, but will also provide you with cheap-quality work.

Now beware: your local dentist will not be happy about this great option that is dental tourism. Unfortunately for them, and joyous for us, it is a reality from which we can all take great advantage from.